Present day Knighthood

Knight_1_Color copy.jpg

When youngsters are criminalized they are often portrayed as dangerous and provocative.

These young people, often with a migrant background, are framed as disturbing public peace.

In this way they become a stereotype, which is hard to break away from.

I myself live in the south of Rotterdam, which is seen as a "bad" neighbourhood: it is perceived as one of the most dangerous parts of the city. In this part of the city the streets are very lively, and you can feel an energetic atmosphere. Where some see danger in the street culture and in the youth's presence in the streets, other such as myself see unity and cohesion. 

This sense of unity is what I want to put in a positive light by bringing together the combination of street culture and knights. More positive characteristics are assigned to the knights: they are perceived as champions or heroes. On the other hand street culture is often associated with negative characteristics such as certain clothing behaviour.

This series of portraits is a tribute to the often criminalized youth, where I want to put them on a pedestal. I want to visualize a positive story: the youth as heroes of the streets

50 x 60 cm