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Funs 'Funzig' Janssen (1993) lives and works in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.


To whom does the city belong? This question returns in different guises in the work of Funs Janssen, alias Funzig.  
In his recent free work he takes on gentrification and continues from his graduation work regarding public urban space.

Funzig's cityscapes are always nocturnal. Where the unexposed is often highlighted and the noise of everyday life seems to disappear, a fascination for the night has arisen for Funzig. 'This allows the lamp posts and car headlights
to illuminate things in the city you might possibly miss, making them easier to see.’

Because he incorporates the stories and ideas into his work in a cinematic way, it is suitable for; publications, editorial work, brands, advertising campaigns and posters.

Clients include:

Theater Rotterdam, TivoliVredeburg, Rotterdam Festivals, Uitgeverij Rorschach, Vpro, CJP, Plasticiet, De Correspondent, Uitgeverij Pluim, TU/e - University of Eindhoven, Cinerama Filmtheater, Artcadia, Showroom MAMA, BNO IMGLab, Rotown, Jazz Museum, Funktional J, Vers Beton, Stadsarchief, Museum Rotterdam, Young Capital, Uitgeverij Pluim, Cross Comix, WdKa, Minoki.

Latest Exhibitions

Laurenskerk 2022 (Rotterdam, NL) Kunsthal 2021/2022 (Rotterdam, NL), Dutch Design Week 2021 (Eindhoven, NL),

Rotterdam op de tekentafel 2021 (Rotterdam, NL), Dutch Design Week 2019 (Eindhoven, NL), Artist Talk, BNO img-lab (Rotterdam, NL)

Award & Nominations:

2021/2022 Stadstekenaar van Rotterdam

2017 Drempelprijs (Nominated)

Features selections:

Stadstekenaarschap CBK'R

Stimuleringsfonds voor de creatieve industrie

Dagblad de Limburger

RTV Rijnmond

Vers Beton

BNO img Lab - Pioneers

For inquiries please contact: info@funzig.nl

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